All grown up

Well, almost. Today we went to a luncheon for the pre-college program at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. Students that will be living on campus were moving in and classes will start tomorrow. My student really wanted to live on campus and I admit, if we had the means, I would have said yes. But since we don’t, I am looking to 3 weeks of drop offs and pick ups.
Stiven is excited to be starting classes tomorrow and a bit nervous, of course. He went on a tour of the building today and was told that he’ll be receiving all the supplies tomorrow. It’s like Christmas, lots of presents and expenses.
I hope he enjoys his classes. He will have two 3-hour classes every day except Friday when he will have just one class in the afternoon. Also, they will be going to museums during two Saturdays. He will be one busy kid!

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