Catching up on slowing down

This has been an interesting transition for me in these last few months. We are all done moving and have settled in as much as is possible to settle in with two small children. I’m working with clients here in Michigan just a bit, but really not that busy. Definitely a stark contrast to the busyness of my Beverly office. With Greg away working full time, a big change for him as well, I find myself mostly home without another adult, puttering about.

Now, I have not had a break from work (those are really hard to come by when you are self-employed) for a really long time. Years, at this point. So on the surface, this sounds like an ideal situation. Wander about the house, take care of kids when they are home, make meals, clean, the usual kind of stuff. No outside obligations or appointments to have to get to. Peace and quiet…

Well, not so fast! Surprisingly, I found myself being annoyed at my leisurely days. Surprisingly, because I’m all on board with slowing down for the winter, not cramming too much into a day, enjoying pauses with a cup of tea, some knitting and lounging about. Turns out I was only on board with it because I didn’t have an opportunity to actually experience all this!

Now I can definitely understand that we are addicted to stress and hussle and bussle. It all sounds great in our heads to slow down and relax, but when we actually do it, there are so many mixed emotions! Now that I’ve caught on what’s happening, I have to keep stopping myself when my mind turns to harsh judgements, comparisons, and feelings of lack. This whole slowing down business is not so easy!

My new pastime, chickens!