My best allergy tips

How are your allergies this time of year? Are you sneezy, snootie, and with watering eyes? I can sympathize, my friend, I really can. I’ve had my ups and downs with all that and August/September used to be the worst! I could not drive with my windows open and had to stay indoor as much more »

Some History

I have to admit that life kind of got away from me. Here I was, 6 years ago almost to the day, graduating from my Reiki Master training. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I was ready to change the world. “Yes, I can!”, was my attitude. I quickly hit my first snag though; no one wanted to more »


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Do you write things down?

Interesting article on Business Insider here. It’s about how writing things down by hand helps you learn better than taking notes electronically. I know that this definitely holds true for me. If I’m using a laptop, I’m focused on taking the information down, not the actual information. Do you take notes by hand? Might be more »

Baby is here!

The baby has arrived! It feels like I’ve been pregnant for a year, at least 🙂 Little miss decided to take few extra days and was born on December 31, in the morning. We barely made it to the North Shore Birth Center on time! I was waiting around for contractions to become at regular more »

Gift Certificates

We offer convenient online gift certificates! Just go to our online store and you can purchase gift certificates in most popular amounts. Fill out all the information and the gift certificate will be instantly emailed to your recipient, great for last minute purchases! Or email it to yourself, print it out, and gift in person! more »

Cough syrup

We are, unfortunately, all at different stages of being sick in this house. I’ve had an annoying cough for a while, then Sophia got sick and now my husband is sick. Being pregnant, there aren’t too many over-the-counter remedies I can take and so I have allowed this cold to drag on and on. I more »

Mommy guilt

I have it! And major one this morning. As I am away at Reiki training all day, Sophia is sick. It’s her first time being sick and she was miserable most of the night, whimpering in her sleep. Needless to say, it was a long night. It had a very cute beginning though. After I more »

Healing Arts Etiquette

A fun little list posted on Kripalu’s blog. It’s tailored towards a spa, so the “Arrive early” doesn’t really apply to us. Certainly not half hour early, as you’ll just be locked out in the hallway. Unfortunately, because there are instances of theft, Cummings Center recommends keeping the doors locked unless you are right there. more »