Healing Arts Etiquette

A fun little list posted on Kripalu’s blog. It’s tailored towards a spa, so the “Arrive early” doesn’t really apply to us. Certainly not half hour early, as you’ll just be locked out in the hallway. Unfortunately, because there are instances of theft, Cummings Center recommends keeping the doors locked unless you are right there. It’s a good idea to be 5 minutes early though so we can start the treatment on time. And, if this is your first visit, make sure you have directions and allow yourself some extra time. The parking during normal business hours can be challenging.

“Tone it down” is certainly important as we are such a small space. We try to minimize noise, but lowering your voice might be the best thing you can do if there is another person receiving treatment.

Head on over to read the whole 10 point list.