How are you holding up?

I don’t think anyone could have thought that this is where we are going to be when 2020 rolled in. Interestingly, 2020 is a year of a rat and I had this thought that it will be focused on nesting and home. Turns out, yep, here we are, staying in. 

Now, I know it’s different in MA and most of my subscribers are there. Here in Michigan we’ve had the schools close until at least April 6 and this week the non-essential businesses had to close. That took all the ambiguity of whether I should keep seeing clients or not out of the equation for me and I’m home with the kids. My husband is also staying home at least for now, thankfully he’s still getting paid (so far). So it’s definitely been an interesting month.

I’ve been wondering how to show up in these times and what I can offer to the world. Even after all the self-work and progress in my feelings of self-worth, my initial, familiar response is that there are plenty of people already offering things that are very similar if not the same to what I can possibly offer. So I am choosing to think of you as a neighbor and checking in from that perspective. I have been through some interesting stuff in my life, and perhaps you might appreciate some insights and tips from that.

One of the challenges at the moment, with things still fairly normal, is that my husband and I are having trouble sleeping. If you are having those troubles too, you can try this recording of brief yoga nidra meditation. This was part of our 40 day meditation challenge that is finishing shortly and this one focuses on rest and is appropriate for both women and men. Just download it to your phone, get in bed to sleep, and play it. It has been helping me the last couple of days I’ve done it.

Herbal tea is another excellent choice to have sometime before bed. If you are concerned about getting up during the night, have it an hour or so before bedtime. Chamomile is a popular choice, but I actually like catnip for its gentle relaxing and mellowing out action. Oatstraw or milky oats is also an excellent gentle nervine that can help mellow you out a bit in these times.

Besides sleep, we are also focusing on our garden and I suggest you start one if you don’t have one. There are plenty of things that can grow in a pot on a window sill. Lettuces and radishes are pretty quick to grow and make a delicious salad. Personally, I’ll be starting seeds for peppers and eggplants today. We’ve also ordered a greenhouse that should be delivered tomorrow. Growing food yourself has many benefits. It gives you something to do, it is fun to watch seeds sprout, and it will make you feel better knowing that you can add a little something green and fresh to your diet. 

I am also continuing to practice my meditation as I find the effects very grounding. Here is a beautiful version specifically for healing.

I am also continuing to create my herbal products. Elderberry elixir has been a popular choice at this time and I am fairly well stocked for now. It is available to order online along with other herbal products. If you have questions and want to discuss your own situation, I’m available. I was offering wellness consultations starting at 90 minutes and $108 for first time, but I am going to wave that for now and make it donation based. We can Skype or Facetime or whatever to get the ball rolling. So just let me know.

Another online service I am offering is the healing sessions. I use my training as a Reiki Master and kundalini yoga practitioner to send healing energy to you for your highest healing good. You would need to email me a recent picture of yourself for this session. It makes it easier for me to connect to you when I’m able to look at the picture. In addition to the actual healing, you will also receive a video message from me of any insights I gleaned from doing the session. These might include where the energy in you might not be at its strongest, any spiritual messages that might come, and any actions you might take yourself to keep yourself healthy and happy.

My next trip to MA was scheduled for early April, but I am rather doubtful that it will happen. I am, however, around in this virtual world and I’m sending you a big virtual hug!