How do you pick yourself up?

cryingI’ve had an unpleasant experience today. Someone is not happy with me and they let me know it, in no uncertain terms. It sucked!

I had all these plans for today and now I really don’t want to do any of it. Does this happen to  you? You are all set for a productive day, and then something or someone completely derails your mental/emotional state? I was going to give up on sending this out too, hold this until I feel better, more like myself, more cheerful. And then I caught myself on what it means in a bigger picture.

Life is not always cheerful and we are not always happy, nor should we be. World is full of unpleasantness. We are complicated beings. We can experience sadness and darkness in one moment, yet happiness and fulfillment in another one. And it’s OK to feel both. It’s OK to be seen in sadness, it’s OK to ask for support.

So, how did I pick myself up?

  • I cried (yep, really, over an email)
  • I asked my husband for a hug and listened to him vent on my behalf
  • I asked my FB friends for some love
  • I did some knitting – my go-to peaceful activity that lets me think things through.

Am I entirely OK? No, not completely. But I am better and it is good enough for now.

I hope if something comes close to ruining your day, you can be gentle with yourself. You can feel the sadness and disappointment and know that that is the richness of human experience. You can embrace the experience in the moment, and know that it will pass. And, of course, if you feel stuck, I would be honored to help.

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