Hypnotherapy for Breakthrough

With Olga Kaminsky, RMT

I am excited to offer this very special hypnotherapy session to facilitate change and growth in your life.

I think we all have certain things that we’d like to do and know they will make our lives better, but somehow we just don’t get around to them. You might want to have a regular meditation practice, or exercise routine, or journal every day. And you know that this one thing will most definitely improve your sense of well-being, but… You just don’t get around to it. You might be tired, or out of time, or it’s just not a good day to start.

This session works by eliminating all those obstacles by working directly with your subconscious mind. It eliminates obstacles on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The results have been remarkable and pretty instantaneous too.

45 to 60 min session: $70 ($45 in August)