Intro to Spiritual Alchemy: Using Meditation to Transform Consciousness

Amphitheatrum_sapientiae_aeternae_-_Alchemist's_LaboratoryWith Greg Kaminsky – initiate and scholar of several esoteric traditions and producer / host of the Occult of Personality podcast at

Spiritual Alchemy – a western esoteric tradition that employs the metaphor of laboratory alchemical transmutation in working with meditation, breathing, and ritual techniques to transform one’s consciousness.

This class is designed to introduce the basic philosophy and initial practices to anyone interested in a simple, but powerful traditional technique that has been used to gain spiritual insight and illumination for ages.

It includes:

  • Short talk on the history of alchemy
  • Intro to the philosophy of alchemy and the proper state of mind required to enter the work
  • What makes this practice ‘spiritual’ alchemy
  • Discussion of how intentionally doing this practice has the power to transform consciousness
  • Working with specific techniques of breathing, meditation, and ritual
  • Presentation of a daily practice

Techniques of spiritual alchemy have been used for thousands of years with reproducible results. Clarity of mind, calmness, and increased energy may be side effects, but the goal of this practice is illumination – to transmute the lead of everyday experience into the gold of witnessing the miracle of divine creation.

The methods we’ll be discussing are integral to the esoteric traditions of Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism. We’ll explore the foundations, theory and practice of this royal Art to provide students with the basics required to begin their own daily practice.

Greg Kaminsky is the host and producer of the Occult of Personality podcast, a highly regarded and long-running podcast that explores the occult and esoteric with authors and experts in the field. His desire to create the Occult of Personality podcast in 2006 began with a life-long compulsion to learn more about ancient civilizations, world religions, symbolism, and the underlying hidden wisdom which they contain, but only convey to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. With well over 150 episodes completed and tens of thousands of listeners every month, the podcast continues to grow in popularity and prestige. You can find Occult of Personality podcast at

As part of the journey in learning about the occult and esoteric while doing the podcast, Greg became an initiate in several traditions including Illuminism and Freemasonry. In 2007, he was consecrated as a Bishop in the Gnostic and Apostolic lines of succession by T Allen Greenfield on Mt. Arabia. Additionally, Greg is a scholar of the Western esoteric tradition currently pursuing a graduate degree in Medieval Studies, focusing on Cabala.

Greg has been practicing meditation regularly for more than 15 years and spiritual alchemy for more than 9 of those. He has led classes, workshops, and individual teachings on the subject since 2010.

Additionally, his understanding and experience continues to evolve to better aid those who wish to learn this method of spiritual practice.

Friday, November 13, 6:30 – 8:30 pm