Komyo ReikiDo Training

Komyo ReikiDoKomyo ReikiDo is a ‘Keep-It-Simple’ Reiki system and practice and was a natural fit for me and what I already teach. I have attended my Komyo ReikiDo training in 2014 and would love to offer this opportunity to learn a different style to my students. The practice motto is: ‘Place your hands, Surrender, and Smile.’ This means that the Reiki practitioner does not do any healing, but rather is a facilitator of the recipients own innate healing ability. So a practitioner is to simply place their hands, surrender to the Reiki energy, and smile, knowing that Reiki is self-directed in accordance with the needs of the recipient, not by direction or intention of the practitioner.

It is different from my own style as this is taught in one day workshop instead of being spread over multiple weeks. However! Attendance in class does not guarantee certification as there are post class requirements. Make sure to read everything to understand them.

The purpose of Komyo ReikiDo:

To improve the mind and body, and maintain optimal health by means of Reiki Ryoho practice.

To live a healthy and peaceful daily life. The more peace and balance we cultivate in our lives through Reiki Ryoho practice, the more we directly experience what Mikao Usui (the originator of Usui Reiki Ryoho) called, “the secret method to invite happiness, and the miraculous medicine to cure all diseases.”

To strive on, through Reiki Ryoho practice, to cultivate and uplift humanity and spirituality so as to attain the ultimate objective of Reiki Ryoho practice: Satori (enlightenment), and Anshin Ritsumei (inner peace).

Komyo ReikiDo Shoden (first) Training

Shoden means ‘first or beginning teaching.’ The focus in the Shoden Degree is primarily on self-healing, health and happiness, as well as treating others. Students gain a basic knowledge of Reiki Ryoho and its history and learn the fundamentals of the hands-on healing practice. Emphasis is placed on learning non-attachment through hands on practice and self-healing, self-improvement methods.

What students will receive/learn:

  • Four (4) Reiju
  • Definition, discussion, and explanation of Reiki and Reiki Ryoho
  • The verifiable history of Usui Reiki Ryoho
  • Introduction to and discussion on The Gokai: Reiki Principles and Precepts
  • How to pronounce the Gokai in Japanese
  • Practical uses of Reiki
  • Hand Positions for Self Treatments and others
  • 21 day daily self-healing practice and Gassho meditation
  • At least one hour ‘hands-on’ practice session

Post Class Requirements: All students are given 6 weeks to fulfill the following requirements prior to receiving Shoden certification:

  • Provide documented proof of the completion of 10 ‘Hands-on’ Reiki Sessions-sessions can be full sessions done on adults, or shorter sessions done on children, pets, plants, food, etc.
  • Recite the Gokai (Reiki precepts) in both Japanese and native language (English, Spanish, Italian, etc.) from memory
  • Complete a daily routine of self-healing, self-improvement and Gassho meditation for 21 days and submit a written journal of the experience. Journals should focus on what changes, realizations, or perceptions the student experiences (if any) in daily self-healing and Gassho meditations

Cost: $158 (or $88 for my returning students)

Sunday, January 28, 10:00am to 4:00pm (we’ll have a lunch break)


Have you taken a Reiki class with me before? You are encouraged to attend and learn this style at a much lower cost.