Laboring away

I hope everyone was able to enjoy a leisurely Labor Day. With the rain coming and going, it definitely felt quieter and maybe a bit more peaceful here. The Labor Day got me thinking of all the different ways people work, contribute to society, and do what they love. And those are not always the same thing.

One of the main reasons I’ve heard about not doing what you love for a living, is that not everyone can do that. It’s usually said with a certain resignation and shrug of the shoulders. As in, we can’t all do what we love, otherwise who is going to do <fill in the blank>. And this is what I’ve been pondering over this little break. Is it true? Is it possible for everyone to do what they enjoy?

I am really enjoying what I do for a living now. Certain parts of it, hello paperwork!, not so much. But overall, I really enjoy it. But on certain days, I do miss my SQA (Software Quality Assurance) job. It was intellectually stimulating, but also a lot simpler, more black and white. Things either worked or they didn’t. I would not mind doing it again, once in a while, for few hours. And that’s me. I’ve worked with plenty of people who enjoyed doing that type of work, even though it sounds rather boring and dull on the surface. My point is, I am sure there are people that would enjoy any type of work there is. I think the question is more about the work day, than the type of job. I was really excited when there was a talk of job sharing when the recession first started, but that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

Perhaps we should challenge our assumptions about the work place, what is viable, and how we would like to feel when we look back at our lives. The more of us question, the better chances we have for changing the workplace.

And in the meanwhile, don’t sell yourself short! Doing what you love is not for someone else, it is for you too! Of course, first you need to figure out what it is you like to do. As cliche as it sounds, what did you like to do as a kid? Believe it or not, there were few years when I was growing up, that I fantasized about being a healer. Every night as I was falling asleep, I would imagine myself wearing a white robe and going to a hospital, laying hands on people and making them better. I could also fly around the world, but hey… I am working on that one 🙂

So, what do you like to do? Can you fit it into your day? Maybe just once a week? Start small and enjoy!