Living in the moment

Well, that’s hard! It’s been made pretty obvious by observing my thoughts about Sophia. When I was pregnant, I was waiting to have her and thinking that things will be easier because I would not have this big belly. I will feel great and will do everything I need to do by carrying her around with me. As Sophia was born, I thought that things will get easier as she gets a little bigger and doesn’t sleep all the time, preferring my arms of course. Now I caught myself thinking that things will get easier as she will start to walk. I am sure next I will think about her starting to talk. All of this is to say that there is always something to look forward to, but also that it’s easy to miss the special moments if I am just thinking about the future and what is to come. Instead I like to pause and appreciate what is happening right now and not some other time. And that is tricky and requires awareness.

I find it interesting that there are two schools of thought on spirituality and having family. One is that having a family puts you on a householder path and that creates a detour from your spiritual path. The other says that your family will teach you everything you need to reach enlightenment. I am not sure about enlightenment, but my family is definitely teaching me a lot!

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