Moving On

I remember a bit over four years ago after I got my Reiki Master certification, I was looking for a place to practice. I had a full time job already that I knew I will be transitioning out of, but I was not ready to just quit. I was looking to join an existing practice and just use their space for few hours a week as needed. As I started to look around, I found out that it was not that simple. Couple of existing places that I approached, were only interested in taking me on if I had existing clientele I would be bringing over. But I was just starting! They have politely turned me away. Eventually I came across a place at the Cummings Center that were willing to rent the space to me, but it was frankly costing me an arm and a leg. In few months time their lease has expired and I ended up taking over that location. After few reincarnations, that’s the space you come to now.

Since my less than thrilling experience of being a new practitioner looking for a space, I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to support practitioners that had a gift for healing but were just starting out. And throughout these few years I think I have succeeded. We’ve had several lovely practitioners that have started or expanded their practice while working at Eternal Balance. The support they received gave them confidence that they will be able to succeed on their own and they went on to open their own healing practices.

And with that, Sue Hayes is the latest practitioner to strike out on her own and open her own place! If you have enjoyed a massage with Sue, I hope you’ll check out her new place:

Healing HandsĀ For All
484 Lowell St.
The Metro Building
Suite 1-B-1
Peabody, MA 01960
Sue’s email is I am sure she would love it if you kept in touch.