Nancy Bixbee

childplayingNancy Bixbee is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience working for Children’s Hospital in Boston. She has studied Flower Essences with David Dalton and Patricia Kaininski. She trained in Aromatherapy with Linda Patlerson in Rhode Island. She has been involved in Steiner-based Waldorf education for 18 years and served as the school nurse for the Lexington Waldorf School. In addition, she trained for 3 years at Sunbridge College in New York, studying Audrey McAllen’s revolutionary program titled, “The Extra Lesson.”The Extra Lesson approach has been confirmed by modern neuropsychology. Extra Lesson uses an initial assessment to evaluate movement patterns, body geography and spatial orientation. The movement exercises along with drawing and painting forms, are chosen to compose an Extra Lesson session.

This work takes into consideration, the fact that there may be a number of challenges that occur to interfere with normal childhood development. Among them are birth traumas, injuries, illnesses, and emotional tensions in the family. These disturbances sometimes become apparent when the child enters school. They are seen either as learning challenges or behavior difficulties.

The Extra Lesson sessions typically run for twelve-week cycles, lasting about an hour each visit. Ongoing communication with a parent is essential. Progress is generally evaluated at the end of a twelve-week cycle and varies with each child.

Nancy also provides personalized support programs to help with the following issues:

• Focused concentration
• Memory
• Better study habits
• Coordination
• Emotional balance
• Communication

You can reach Nancy through email

or by calling (978) 922-2223

Restorative Yoga

Relax, Restore, Re-energize, De-stress

With Sue Duncan

Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation! Restorative Yoga combines supportive poses with simple breath awareness and visualizations to create active relaxation and a sense of well-being. Participants will be guided toward RELEASE of tension, fatigue, and overstimulation resulting from busy daily schedule. Sue incorporates use of simple props to open and cleanse the body and mind to allow you to be invigorated, yet in a relaxed, peaceful spirit.

This practice benefits yoga practitioners and non-practitioners. You don’t need to practice yoga to enjoy this class!

For over 35 years, Sue’s lifestyle has been dedicated to wellness of being. Establishing a holistic, personal practice to promote her own physical/ emotional/spiritual well-being during college, she credits this approach to her excellent life-long health.Earning a master’s degree in education, she had a career in Human Services, supported/educated families and staff. Sue opened her studio in the mid-1990’s teaching yoga/lifestyle to her students.
Recognized at the 500 hour yoga teacher certification, she has completed Iyengar teacher training with Patricia Walden, Kundalini teacher certification, Prenatal yoga certification, and numerous workshops. Her diverse yogic background has been enhanced through her studies in India. Sue graduated from the Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico, and provides consultations and workshops in Ayurveda (science of longevity, balance, health).
Dedicating her life to holistic lifestyle, health, and healing, she has taught one-on-one, classes, workshops, and aspiring yoga teachers in training of all ages and abilities.
Grateful to have studied with many master teachers, her passion is to share practices of the ancient yogis, allowing their wisdom to balance our modern life.

2 hours

All the props are provided, just bring yourself and prepare to relax and melt all the stress away!

There is a lovely $10 discount if you pre-pay online, don’t miss it!
Online price: $30
At the door: $40

Sunday, February 24 at 2:00pm

Space is limited!



The other day as I was browsing Facebook, I came across a post about smoking babies. It was something along the lines of “radical advertising company hires kids to smoke”. I was appalled and thought that it might be one of those “I can’t believe someone did this” moments. Hoping to be proven wrong, I reluctantly clicked on the article. Turns out that things were not as bad as they sound. An advertising agency did hire kids, but not to smoke. What they had to do was walk over to a person who is smoking and ask for a cigarette. Showing that there is hope for us, the adult would refuse. Interestingly enough, the adult would then launch into a lecture on dangers of smoking. This was shot candid camera style and people went on to list all kinds of dangers, all with a cigarette in their own hand. The ad ended with a question about the difference between how we treat children and how we treat ourselves. It was rather moving.
Think about it. So often we treat others better than ourselves. Don’t believe me? Honestly, would you talk to a dear friend the way you talk to yourself? What about when you make a mistake? What if you actually articulate all you are feeling? And now imagine if you were kind to yourself? Internally? Would not that be something? To be treated as a very special, precious being, believing, knowing that you truly are one.

How do you think your life would change if you were kinder to yourself?

P. S.: As I was looking for a picture for this post, I typed up “smoking babies”. I thought maybe it will find the article I am referring to. Instead I found that not only there are images of babies actually smoking, but also of babies whose parents stick a cigarette in their mouths for photo ops. So, to propagate more of what I want to see instead of something I don’t, I am including a picture that came up on “compassion” search.


Tricky language

There is a story I read somewhere that I really enjoyed. I think I like it because English is my second language and accent is a given. Here is the story:
There was a young monk in Tibet who was showing a lot of promise. In his studies, he heard about an old monk who lived on a little island in a middle of a river and to whom people came for advice. Young monk decided to visit the old one to glean some wisdom from such an enlightened being. He hired a little row boat and got to the island. The old monk welcomed him and the chatted over some tea. During that conversation, young monk asked what does the old one do for his spiritual practice. To which the old one replied that he chants a mantra for however many times every day. With reverence, the young monk asked what the mantra was and the old monk shared. “Oh, no!”, the young monk exclaimed, “that’s not how you say it. You are supposed to say it this way!” The old monk was visibly distraught at this and the young one decided it’s time to go. After all, what can the old monk teach him when he doesn’t even know how to say a mantra right! And so he is back in the boat with the ferry man rowing. Suddenly, the ferry man drops the oars and stares past the young monk towards the island, blubbering something. “What is it?!”, exclaims the young monk, rather annoyed. As he turns around, he sees the old monk walking on water towards the row boat. “How do you say that mantra again?”, asks the old monk. The young monk says the mantra after finally collecting himself. The old monk repeats the mantra over and over again as he walks across the water back to the island.

I think this story was in reference to Sanskrit pronunciation. It is tricky, of course. And it’s important to get it as close as possible as sounds carry different vibrations and therefor effects. But the moral of the story is that anything you do consistently, over many years, will have effect. Even if your pronunciation is off.

Do you try to get the Sanskrit pronunciation just right or are you happy with “close enough”?


Fun in the snow

20130101-235801.jpgWell, I hope he’s having fun! My son is away for a whole week on a ski trip! Actually, he is hoping to learn to snowboard. My friend and her family invited him along and after some back and forth off he went.
He backed out of going for a week and we agreed to come get him midweek. Given that it is all the way in Vermont, it was going to be a little adventure for all of us. However, after arriving there and spending one day, he decided to stay for a whole week.
This situation reminded me of how often I would be afraid or nervous to do something, but then once I start it would turn out to be a not too big of a deal. Being uncomfortable can be a good thing! Challenging myself and growing has become a big part of my life. I get antsy if a lull lasts too long. Is that a word? “Lull”? Oh we’ll.
What are you afraid of doing? What were you nervous to do that turned out not as bad as you thought?


20130102-221531.jpgI know it’s coming! Yum is coming 🙂 After a much longer break than I anticipated, I am back to school. Just registered for another class that will start mid January. This time I am taking Whole Foods Cooking. I am hoping there will be some interesting new recipes to try. I still need to buy a book for it, add that to the To Do list.
This class is just 5 weeks so I should probably line up the next one as well. I don’t remember what they had starting in February. I am very interested in either life coaching or the hypnotherapy. Little by little I am chipping away at the classes I need to take for my degree. At this point this feels more like continuing education for my own benefit though. And speaking of continuing education, I need to find something yoga related to keep my certification up. Kripalu, I dream of you…

What would you like to learn this year?

New beginnings

And so the first day of a new year comes to a close. In my family
we have a saying that as this first day goes, so will the year too. We’d always be on a best behavior as kids, to make sure we’ll have a good year. I’ve been trying to do the same as an adult. It’s not always easy. I think staying up past midnight kicks some sleep deprivation in making things a little more challenging.
I have big hopes for this year. It feels different somehow, as if waiting around is over and it’s time for action. The tarot spread I did for this year seems to confirm it. The ruling card I pulled was queen of swords and I very much feel that she represents me, taking charge of my life. Being more discerning with my commitments and ever so watchful to stay the course. It’s time to stop being thrown around by circumstances and demands of others and instead spend time on what is important to me. That, of course, requires knowing what is important. I am so looking forward to making 2013 a more intentional year. I think that’s why I am so excited about my new program, From Intention to Reality. I think it will allow me to create a meaningful change in my life and help others do the same.

What are you looking for in 2013? image

Stuff again

It’s interesting that stuff seems to be at the forefront of my mind right now. Is that a reflection of consumer society? With Black Friday just behind us and Cyber Monday just ahead, it seems that everything is about shopping and bargains. Here and there are faint cries for shopping local and supporting local businesses. I wonder how many people do that though. Mindful shopping crowd is certainly not mainstream and when you start shopping mindfully, you realize that you don’t need much stuff to begin with. Plus for local business it’s tough to discount their products and services as it hits the bottom line a lot. Local just costs more. As I am thinking of offering a discount for the holidays, I am contemplating whether Sophia can take a swimming class again or start Waldorf classes in the spring.

New things

It’s one busy holiday season! We have a new practitioner starting in December, Dianne. She is going to offer Aroma Skin Therapy and Crystal Healing. I think I will try the skin therapy, it sounded so nice!
And then today I met with another lovely lady, Sue. Not to be confused with Sue that already works with me 🙂 New Sue is a yoga teacher and Aurvedic practitioner, among other things. We talked about doing monthly clinics at lunch time, focusing on health, nutrition, healthy habits. One of the ideas was to do one in January focusing on resetting your diet after the holidays. Kind of like a little detox so you can clear away all the rich holiday foods and start fresh.
Another great thing that might come from this is restorative yoga! Sue is thinking of offering it at lunch, a short version. But the one I am very excited about would happen on a weekend and be two hours long. I hope I can come to that one! We are planning it for the end of the year and I hope to get the dates firmed up in the next few days.
Yes! A big yes to these new events unfolding and new people joining in!


When I am feeling overwhelmed, my attention turns to stuff. I find that stuff and the amount of it makes me paralized. That’s when more extreme lifestyles become very appealing. People that downsize to 100 possessions become my heroes. Someone who vows not to buy anything for a year becomes someone I want to emulate. I look at all our stuff and just want to throw it all out, from furniture to little tiny crap and everything in between.
Alas, that is not realistic. We do need stuff and my husband will not be parting with any of his books. How we can accommodate everything comfortably and without clatter, I just don’t know. We can certainly benefit from pairing down and I am working on that, very slowly.
And in the meantime, I will read about and be inspired by people who live with minimal stuff.

Post Sandy

And happy Tuesday to you! The sun is shining right now and it looks pretty nice. We made it through the storm just fine. We didn’t lose power and downtown didn’t flood. I was a bit concerned about the trees in our parking lot, but they are fine. They are probably not big enough.
The studio was closed yesterday, but it’s back to business today. I checked in with Sue and she is fine so massages will go on as scheduled. I am also fine to teach yoga in the evening. Stiven even said he’ll come with me to yoga, but he is very likely to change his mind by then.

Smoked salt

One of the cook books I have mentions use of smoked salt to give the dishes a little extra something. Since I go through periods when I just don’t feel like cooking, I thought this might help keep things interesting. Well, I got the salt maybe a year ago and I have not done anything with it. It has such a strong smell that would hit me anytime I opened pantry. I ended up putting the plastic bag it was in into a tightly closed glass jar. That helped with the smell and the salt was just sitting in the pantry.
But today is a new day! I am making chili in a crockpot and I added some of that smoked salt to it. I hope I didn’t ruin my chili! The salt looks like black burned grains of some sort. I only added a few as they smell so strongly. It just smells like campfire, which I like, but much stronger.
And now, for extra points, how many times did I use the word “strong ” or a variation of it? Yep, it’s that strong 🙂


My poor monkey has a pretty bad cat allergy. When we had just one, it wasn’t that bad. Now that we have three, he is pretty miserable. If he is out of his room for a while, he just starts sneezing like crazy. He keeps his room cat free and there is a good air filter there too.
I kept putting off dealing with that because I kept forgetting how bad it is. He is not out of his room much so there was minimal sneezing. And then we went to my sister’s. She has two cats and Stiven would not stop sneezing. That was it.
Being the alternative girl that I am, we are going for an alternative treatment. I took him to Mass Allergy Center in Lexington. So far we just had one visit, so there is not a lot of progress as it takes few visits. Stiven said that he feels like he is sneezing less, but the nose is still runny. I need to book another appointment for him to keep working on it.

Waldorf Doll

I am super excited! I have finally ordered supplies for making a Waldorf doll for Sophia. I have poured over the tutorials on how to make one, looked over so many cute pictures and I have now placed the order. I really hope I will be able to actually make one and a nice one at that. I do know how to sow and knit, so I have the basic skills needed. It’s the quiet time to focus on it that I am lacking. But I am hopeful!

Unconventional education

Signing my son up for a very non traditional education has not been an easy choice. While I agree with the concept of Sudbury Valley School in principle, it’s not always easy to trust the model in practice. It’s not easy for any of us, including my son. It sounds great that kids are curios by nature and therefore will learn what they need, but what if we started too late?
Well, once in a while my son will do something surprising and I relax somewhat. The last event like that is about presidential election, as strange as that might sound. The day following the debate, Stiven asked us if we watched it. We didn’t. He then started telling us about something that happened during the debates. I was floored, thinking he actually watched them. Turns out that no, he didn’t, he just watched the Daily Show or some such. I shared the “binders full of women ” episode. Well, turns out that this whole thing was interesting enough that he did watch the debates the following day!
In -between the little gems like this, I also like to read essays written by the graduating kids. They are always inspiring and very thoughtful. They give me hope that my monkey will be ok too, even in his strange school.