What a weekend!

It is sweet to be back home after few days away! I feel tired and rested at the same time. My body is tired but my soul is rested and, dare I say, singing. I have a wonderful time at the herbal conference. I have come to realise that this is where I recharge. Being at this huge gathering of women is what sustains me and keeps me going. It has recharged me after a challenging year and I am already thinking about a trip next year.
Sophia was such a sweetie pie! She smiled, giggled, and let me take classes. I ended up going to all of the things I planned, though not necessarily staying the whole time. I learned a lot and am planning on putting that new knowledge to work shortly.
Sophia and I also went to the lake couple of times. It was her first time in the open water and she did great. I was more of a wimp as the water was a bit chilly.
I also bought a really cool piece of onyx. It seemed to have called to me to do some healing work. Now I need to read up on it, but it will be making an appearance for sure.

New service

I have really enjoyed my auriculotherapy class. I thought it was fun and it gave me some ideas on incorporating it into my other services, like Reiki or Thai. I do, however, have an idea for an entirely new to me service offering – chakra balancing. We learned how to do it in class and I liked that it was simple and opened the door to many possibilities. In the class, we used aromatherapy while working the ear points. I think that in itself is pretty fun. What I would like to do in addition to aromatherapy though is to use chakra stones. The way I see a session would be to use stones, reiki, and then aromatherapy on ear points. All with a transformational dialog, of course.
I would love to start offering it now, but I need to buy the stones first. I’ve been looking on EBay and am having hard time deciding. There are beautiful sets out there. I think I want the stones to be a bit bigger than the more common one inch and under. In the bigger size stones, they also have ones that are engraved with chakra symbols. In my mind, those make sense. But in my heart, I find plain sets just so beautiful. Those are probably the ones I will go with. Now to find an extra $40 somewhere … Universe? I need an extra $40 to offer an awesome new service! 🙂

First tooth! Almost :)

It looks like Sophia will have her first tooth soon! Today I can see the little scalloped edges of it under her gum. It’s almost out, but not yet. I am wondering if that’s why she’s been sleeping so poorly the last couple of nights. The lack of sleep is starting to get to me. As I was packing for her swim class today, I completely forgot a diaper and a bag for wet clothes. I had to stuff her into another swim diaper which is challenging even if she is not wet.

Big happenings

Lots of things happening on a personal front. First, I am just a couple of weeks away from going to herbal conference with Sophia. It will be 2 nights away from home, sleeping in a tent. I am debating whether I should bring her stroller. It takes the entire trunk and I won’t have enough space for everything else and for a friend that I am carpooling with. The friend will not be in a trunk, but her stuff will be 🙂
Second, after we come back from the conference, we will go camping! Just booked a cabin in Woodford State Park in Vermont for 3 nights. I am hoping cabin will provide for more opportunities to set Sophia down on the floor. We have not been to that park yet so I am looking forward to a new place.
Thirdly, DH gave his notice at work. After all the health issues he’s been having, it has become a no-brainer. Hopefully he can find something else after recuperating.

What a day!

I am hoping tonight will be calmer. My lovely DH is in a hospital overnight for observation and to run some more tests tomorrow. And the morning was so promising! We got up together, munchkin was in a good mood, even ODS was in an OK mood. I went to teach my private yoga class, came back and DH looked absolutely wiped out. I thought it was from munchkin giving him hard time, but he said he was having chest pains that started after he had coffee. After a bit of thinking, off to the hospital we went. We went to Lahey at the North Shore Mall. It looked a bit like a ghost town. After running a bunch of tests they could not find anything and decided to keep him overnight. Tomorrow is more tests and a stress test. And home.
He had a similar episode on Monday after going to New York for work. The doctor was concerned that there might be a clot, but it seems to be ok. He needs another job, desperately. His body can not handle overnight shifts.
In other news, munchkin is 6 months today. Happy Birthday, little love!

All grown up

Well, almost. Today we went to a luncheon for the pre-college program at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. Students that will be living on campus were moving in and classes will start tomorrow. My student really wanted to live on campus and I admit, if we had the means, I would have said yes. But since we don’t, I am looking to 3 weeks of drop offs and pick ups.
Stiven is excited to be starting classes tomorrow and a bit nervous, of course. He went on a tour of the building today and was told that he’ll be receiving all the supplies tomorrow. It’s like Christmas, lots of presents and expenses.
I hope he enjoys his classes. He will have two 3-hour classes every day except Friday when he will have just one class in the afternoon. Also, they will be going to museums during two Saturdays. He will be one busy kid!

Groupon ramblings

Lately I’ve been thinking about this whole Groupon experience. Was is good, not so good, worth doing? I am still not sure. Of course, I am not exactly done with it. Even if I do not run another deal, I am on a hook to provide massages until next June! And given that I do not personally do massage, it puts me in an interesting position.

I still think that this was a good way to get the word out about the studio. Whether this will lead to long term business viability remains to be seen. I enjoy meeting new people that come for reiki and I am glad to hear that they tried it because of a lower price. It’s a great healing modality and I am glad that I can help popularize it.

The minus for me is that with the number of massages done, the studio has become about a massage and not about bettering yourself. Not really about having a supportive environment where you can just pause and be still. And I struggle with the loss of this direction. On one hand, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. On the other, I didn’t leave my high -paying corporate job to feel boxed in. And so I am struggling. Not to mention that I am not loving being a secretary.

Hard to say what the future will bring. For now, I need to find a new massage therapist that is good and would not mind working for Groupon pay.


I was just at my dentist for a cleaning. I go to Dr. Zafran next to North Shore Mall. It’s a small office with one dentist, two hygienists and a receptionist. Everyone is very nice. Recently they have added a text message reminder service – it’s great. I wish we had that, together with a receptionist 🙂

Anyway, I was browsing through their magazines and started reading Self magazine. One article caught my eye and it was about how often women weigh themselves and how often they should actually do it. They had several women with different weighing habits and then there was advice for each one.

One woman weighed herself once a day, every day. I used to do that too when I had a scale. This woman was praised but reminded that ups and downs every day are due more to water weight and should not be used to adjust her diet each day.

Another woman weighed herself twice a day and was warned that this might lead to an obsessive behavior and food disorders. I used.to do that too, years ago when I was heavy and tried to lose weight. Coupled with calorie counting, I was definitely on the obsessive side of things.

Then there was a woman that didn’t weigh herself at all and used her clothes fit as a gauge for weight. And another one just weighed herself once in a while. I am now in that category. I don’t have a scale, but I weigh myself at my parents. I became more obsessed with it after having a baby just to see how long it will take me to lose the baby weight. Now that it’s gone, I don’t really care that much about stepping on the scale. What was interesting, was that the article suggested to the women who didn’t weigh themselves to start doing it and work their way up from once a month to once a week. I just found it strange.

Herbal conference

I am super excited about getting my ticket to New England Women’s Herbal Conference! I don’t even know how many times I have gone. I think this is my fifth year. This year I am bringing Sophia with me. I am both excited and nervous about it. I am also curious what she will be able to do by then since it’s at the end of August and she will be seven months then.

I am looking forward to workshops. I still need to look at the schedule and see what is there. I already saw they had aromatherapy and I wanted to take that. No sweat lodge for me this year again though. Last year I was pregnant and this year I will be running around with Sophia.

We will be camping as usual. I hope we can find a quiet spot that is out of the way. I am curious what will be different this year. Last year was a first time at a new location and there was definitely room for improvement. The food was good but the lines were huge! They also needed more bathrooms closer to classrooms.

Funny, the first time I went, I wished I had a daughter so I could take her with me. Stiven was a bit too old to go at that point. Now that I have a little girl, I hope she likes it.

Pool time!

Today was Sophia ‘s first “swimming lesson “! I had fun and I think she did too. We went to Beverly Athletic Club for their baby class. They now have a salt water pool which was nice, much nicer than chlorine.
There were two other babies. First timer girl and a boy who’s been there before. Both were much older than Sophia. I think both were over a year old. Sophia was a little trooper. She didn’t cry and I even got her to smile. Otherwise, she didn’t do much. She tried to sit up when I would put her on her back, which was funny to me and a bit frustrating to her.
This was our trial class. Now that she was ok with it, I’ll sign up for a session. I also discovered that I need a new bathing suit. I felt like I was one pull or kick away from wardrobe malfunction. And Sophia needs one too. Well, fine, she does not NEED one, but I want to get one for her.
As a bonus, she had a super nap with daddy while I went to work and was pretty happy all day.


I get a lot of spam comments here. So far that was the only thing I was getting. I would get an email about a comment, get all excited and it would be spam. I started to just delete the emails without looking. Every time I would complain about it, my husband would ask, “Did you install the anti -spam plugin?”
Turns out I missed a couple of legitimate comments. Bummer!

Time Warp

Gardening is! It’s like some strange world where the time stops when you enter. This year we have a little plot at the Salem Community Garden. It’s awesome! A friend of mine is sharing it with us since she can’t take care of it right now. I have not gardened since I was in my early teens and my parents had a huge garden. And then I mostly complained about it, together with weeding and helping with the harvesting and storing food.

Well, gardening is fun! The plot is not very big so I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do. It’s still a little tough when Sophia wants to go home and I want to pull just few more weeds, or water, or even just look at each plant and see what the changes are.

This was few weeks ago and there are more things growing now. I need new pictures. It’s hard to take them because I can’t really see anything on my phone when I am taking them.

Living in the moment

Well, that’s hard! It’s been made pretty obvious by observing my thoughts about Sophia. When I was pregnant, I was waiting to have her and thinking that things will be easier because I would not have this big belly. I will feel great and will do everything I need to do by carrying her around with me. As Sophia was born, I thought that things will get easier as she gets a little bigger and doesn’t sleep all the time, preferring my arms of course. Now I caught myself thinking that things will get easier as she will start to walk. I am sure next I will think about her starting to talk. All of this is to say that there is always something to look forward to, but also that it’s easy to miss the special moments if I am just thinking about the future and what is to come. Instead I like to pause and appreciate what is happening right now and not some other time. And that is tricky and requires awareness.

I find it interesting that there are two schools of thought on spirituality and having family. One is that having a family puts you on a householder path and that creates a detour from your spiritual path. The other says that your family will teach you everything you need to reach enlightenment. I am not sure about enlightenment, but my family is definitely teaching me a lot!

Nice Service

We got a nice surprise in the mail today! It was a replacement part for Sophia’s favorite toy! Sophia has a very lovely wooden mobile with colorful dragons. The toy was made in Germany and I bought it through Amazon. It is made by Goki Toys. Well, Sophia loves it! We can just spin it and she will look at it for a long while. That was the first toy she payed attention to.

So you can understand that I was upset when I came home one day and noticed that mobile is looking lopsided. My husband explained that one of the cats ran through it and all the strings got tangled. As my husband was untangling it, one of the dragon wings snapped into 3 little pieces. Argh! I ended up attaching a small hair clip as a makeshift solution to balance the mobile while trying to decide between letting this go or getting an entirely new mobile. That seemed a bit silly to do for just one broken wing.

Well, I decided to look up the company and see if I can buy a replacement wing. Since I didn’t find a way to do that on a website, I emailed the company and explained the situation. I was very happy to learn that they will ship me a new wing and free of charge! And it came today, all the way from Germany! What a great customer service.

We own several of the toys they make as they are made of wood with non-toxic finishes and are just fun. Now with such great response I will make sure to look for their brand next time I want to buy a new toy for Sophia.