New service

I have really enjoyed my auriculotherapy class. I thought it was fun and it gave me some ideas on incorporating it into my other services, like Reiki or Thai. I do, however, have an idea for an entirely new to me service offering – chakra balancing. We learned how to do it in class and I liked that it was simple and opened the door to many possibilities. In the class, we used aromatherapy while working the ear points. I think that in itself is pretty fun. What I would like to do in addition to aromatherapy though is to use chakra stones. The way I see a session would be to use stones, reiki, and then aromatherapy on ear points. All with a transformational dialog, of course.
I would love to start offering it now, but I need to buy the stones first. I’ve been looking on EBay and am having hard time deciding. There are beautiful sets out there. I think I want the stones to be a bit bigger than the more common one inch and under. In the bigger size stones, they also have ones that are engraved with chakra symbols. In my mind, those make sense. But in my heart, I find plain sets just so beautiful. Those are probably the ones I will go with. Now to find an extra $40 somewhere … Universe? I need an extra $40 to offer an awesome new service! 🙂

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