Nice Service

We got a nice surprise in the mail today! It was a replacement part for Sophia’s favorite toy! Sophia has a very lovely wooden mobile with colorful dragons. The toy was made in Germany and I bought it through Amazon. It is made by Goki Toys. Well, Sophia loves it! We can just spin it and she will look at it for a long while. That was the first toy she payed attention to.

So you can understand that I was upset when I came home one day and noticed that mobile is looking lopsided. My husband explained that one of the cats ran through it and all the strings got tangled. As my husband was untangling it, one of the dragon wings snapped into 3 little pieces. Argh! I ended up attaching a small hair clip as a makeshift solution to balance the mobile while trying to decide between letting this go or getting an entirely new mobile. That seemed a bit silly to do for just one broken wing.

Well, I decided to look up the company and see if I can buy a replacement wing. Since I didn’t find a way to do that on a website, I emailed the company and explained the situation. I was very happy to learn that they will ship me a new wing and free of charge! And it came today, all the way from Germany! What a great customer service.

We own several of the toys they make as they are made of wood with non-toxic finishes and are just fun. Now with such great response I will make sure to look for their brand next time I want to buy a new toy for Sophia.

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