Olga’s Story

It’s hard to say when my journey to healing started. I remember watching healers on TV back in Minsk as a child and being fascinated with the idea that you can heal people through your hands. I have taken a detour from the healing path to start a family and assimilate here in the States.

My transformational journey started after a friend dragged me to a yoga class at work. All the ideas of non-competitiveness were so foreign to me, I didn’t think I’ll stick with yoga for long. Yet, I kept signing up for session after session, intuitively knowing that the classes will lead me back to who I truly am.

After doing a bit of energy sensing in a yoga class, I remembered the healers from my childhood and wanted to learn more. That lead to discovering Reiki. I have been fortunate to study with different Reiki Masters during my training. This introduced me to different teaching styles and also different approaches to practicing Reiki.

My introduction to Reiki was with Reiki Master Diane Porter in 2005. I have received my Reiki 1 attunement from her and learned the basics of a Reiki treatment.

Wanting to practice Reiki not only on myself but on others, I found a Reiki clinic in Salem, MA. Sessions at the clinic are donation based and many Reiki practitioners volunteer their time there. You may call (978) 777-5732 if you would like an appointment. I have helped out at the clinic for a little over a year once a week. It was a very rewarding experience to work with people who are chronically ill and genuinely cherish their weekly Reiki time.

I have waited a year after my first attunement to continue my education. An opportunity presented itself to study Reiki 2 atKripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Reiki Master Libby Barnett, MSW was teaching there at the time. She is a wonderful woman full of compassion. She has introduced me to the idea that Reiki can be used for an emotional healing of ourselves and others.

My Reiki Master Training has been with Reiki Master Joanna Scaparotti. It has been a very intense process and I have learned so much during my time with her. Joanna is such an inspiration of what a spiritual teacher could be. She truly is living what she teaches. Joanna taught me how to use Reiki for self-growth, to cultivate awareness, and how to be of help to others.

All the while, I have been practicing yoga, whether at home or at a studio. And, visiting Kripalu every so often has always re-inspired me to continue to learn, stay true to myself, and enjoy life.

I have completed my yoga teacher training in Yoga of Energy Flow with Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen in June of 2010. I am now a registered yoga teacher at 200 hour level. Yoga of Energy Flow is an eclectic collection of Kundalini yoga, Meridian yoga and Kali Ray TriYoga.