Pool time!

Today was Sophia ‘s first “swimming lesson “! I had fun and I think she did too. We went to Beverly Athletic Club for their baby class. They now have a salt water pool which was nice, much nicer than chlorine.
There were two other babies. First timer girl and a boy who’s been there before. Both were much older than Sophia. I think both were over a year old. Sophia was a little trooper. She didn’t cry and I even got her to smile. Otherwise, she didn’t do much. She tried to sit up when I would put her on her back, which was funny to me and a bit frustrating to her.
This was our trial class. Now that she was ok with it, I’ll sign up for a session. I also discovered that I need a new bathing suit. I felt like I was one pull or kick away from wardrobe malfunction. And Sophia needs one too. Well, fine, she does not NEED one, but I want to get one for her.
As a bonus, she had a super nap with daddy while I went to work and was pretty happy all day.

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