Reiki Session

starsHave you ever found yourself gazing at the stars or perhaps watching the ocean and finding yourself in awe of the Universe? Did you feel small and insignificant in the face of limitless horizon, or did you feel powerful and inspired, uplifted, at one with the phenomenon in front of you?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Just like everything else in life, nothing is just black and white. Were you feeling down, bogged down by the stress of work or family life? Or were you in a particularly good mood because someone recognized your hard work, your kid gave you a big hug, or a stranger showed you kindness?

You might be wondering by now what does this have to do with Reiki? Nothing and everything. Reiki is a universal life energy, the universal life force. Everything that you see around you is a manifestation of that energy. You are a manifestation of that energy.

All too often we are hurried through our life without really a chance to stop and experience that flow of energy all around us and in us. There are rare moments that we are reminded of the Universe that is bigger than us. During a Reiki session, your experience of that life energy is direct.

While Reiki as a technique has originated in Japan, it has now spread throughout the world. People use it in an infinite number of ways: from simple relaxation to reprogramming their emotional patterns. Many practitioners find that Reiki is a wonderful modality to use with other healing methods.

My practice of Reiki involves working with people who would like to rediscover and reconnect to their authentic self. I work with people who would like to make a positive change in the world but are struggling with issues of self-acceptance, self-worth, self-love. After all, only after we love ourselves we can love others. Perhaps you already know that the divine, universal energy is flowing through you, but do you actually feel it? Do you act from that knowledge in your everyday life and not just on a meditation cushion?

Let’s work together on figuring out what’s holding you back from being your authentic self, from viewing yourself with loving kindness that you deserve.

Each Reiki treatment is unique and your experience will differ from someone else’s experience. Try to arrive with an open mind, and not a rigid set of expectations. People reactions vary vastly, from no sensations at all to strong feelings of warmth and comfort.
You should arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to allow for transition from the outside world. If it is your first appointment with me, please arrive 15 minutes earlier so we can go over administrative details.

Comfortable clothing should be worn so that your body can relax while lying on a massage table. The Reiki treatment is performed on a fully clothed recipient. A light blanket might also be used because the body tends to cool down during the treatment.

After a few minutes of checking in on any specific issues or concerns you might have, you will lie down on a massage table. You can close your eyes if that feels comfortable. The treatment then begins with a short opening sequence, and then a physical laying on of the hands. Reiki treatment is not a massage. Once my hands are positioned, they will not move until it’s time to go to a new position. I will let you know when the treatment is done.

Because each treatment is different, hand positions would vary from one session to the next.