Connect with Spirit

Exploration of Methods

Our 2016 retreat was a wonderful success! Everyone has felt peaceful, relaxed, and left with some food for thought!

“It was relaxing and a true blessing to spend time with everyone this weekend, and I look forward to whatever adventure you cook up next year!!” – Andria

I am looking forward to 2017 retreat to be scheduled for September/October. We will stay on the same theme, connecting with spirit, as it is a rich domain that covers so many different things, we are sure to have fun again.

The location will most likely be different, but still within 2 hours of travel time from Beverly, MA.

Stay tuned for details as I work them out and feel free to enter your email so you’ll be the first to know when the retreat becomes “official” and registration opens.

Overall, did you enjoy your weekend experience?  “Yes, absolutely!” – Tracey

The number of people attending will be limited to 5-6, so make sure to not miss your window of opportunity!

One of the things I personally appreciated about the retreat was the very warm feeling of community and support and I would like to maintain that by keeping the group small.

Some of the things we did this year were Tarot class, making flower essences, yoga outside, mindful eating, connecting with inner teacher, and body appreciation.

What do you wish there was less of? “Nothing!” – Carina

We will do some of those things in 2017 as well, but I am also planning to add a blessing ritual, vision boards, and shamanic journeying. It will be another exciting weekend!

Getting ready to "dive in" for a facial steam!
Getting ready to “dive in” for a facial steam!