These services are available after an initial consultation session. Consistency is often what makes a difference in the results, and so I offer 10% off for weekly or bi-weekly regular sessions.

Since I now live in Michigan, I have the most availability here. I have a new office in Stockbridge, MI that is my home base for offerings here. I also use the space at Asian Healing Traditions in Ann Arbor, MI. And of course, I still have my studio at the Cummings Center in Beverly, MA where I am just about every month, mostly teaching.

You can schedule for any location from this page, just make sure to choose the correct options.

Reiki and Energy


reiki servicesReiki is an art of channeling Universal Life Energy through the practitioner and to the recipient. This extra boost of energy clears stress and tension from the body and allows your mind to rest as well.  And when we are rested, we can take on the world! Or, you know, be in a good mood as you go about your day. On a serious note, Reiki brings your mind, body, and spirit into a healthy balance to help you achieve a healthy, happy state of being.

Reiki sessions can also be added to other types of sessions.

60 min – $85

Chakra Balancing

My take on chakra balancing is a bit different from others because I apply essential oils to chakra points on your ears. This creates a super-charged boost from the goodness of Young Living essential oils and you might have an interesting experience of feeling “something” in the rest of your body. I start the session with connecting to your energy field and placing gem stones on your body. I choose essential oils intuitively and finish the session with Reiki.

You can read more about the sessions here.

Chakra Balancing sessions are also available as an add-on to other sessions.

60 min – $85

Tibetan Hot Oil Treatment

I am delighted to offer you a unique treatment to balance the Air element in the body! Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as being comprised of 5 elements, Air being one of them. If you are regularly stressed, eat too quickly, stay up late, or over tired, the Air element in your body might be negatively affected. In this unique treatment hot oil infused with herbs is applied to specific points on the body to bring balance and healing.

This treatment helps with:

  • Constipation, gas, bloating, or distention
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Pain
  • Malabsorption
  • Insomnia

Please wear an old t-shirt for this one that you don’t mind getting oil on.

60 minutes – $85

Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork

Thai massage services Also known as Thai Massage or Thai Yoga, Thai Bodywork is an ancient energy-based healing system that combines acupressure, reflexology, and assisted yoga postures. It is attributed to Jivaka, physician to Buddha! But don’t let that scare you; this is a perfect practice to compliment today’s lifestyles. Whether you spend your days hunched over a desk or like to push it at the gym (or both), Thai Bodywork will allow your body to function at its best.

Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes for this one. Jeans are not a good choice, even if they are stretchy because material is too thick.

Offered as 60, 90, 120, or 180 minute service. The longer, 3 hour sessions are perfect to kick off a personal retreat, even if only for a day.

Prenatal Thai Bodywork is wonderful in the 2nd or 3rd trimester and is a great way to get the body ready for labor.

60 min – $85

90 min – $120

120 min (2 hours) – $150

180 min (3 hours) – $200

Thai Foot Reflexology

Our feet carry us around, but we rarely spend time to take care of them. Change that around with this service and not just your feet, but your whole body will thank you. Our feet contain points for all the organs in the body and by working on the feet we stimulate all of them. This session is a little different from traditional reflexology because while we start with the feet, the whole body is then touched to help energy flow. We end with a relaxing scalp massage.

60 minutes and is also available as an add-on to other services.


Yoga Services

Private Yoga

yoga servicesDo you need a little help starting your home practice? Is there a pose you are stuck on and need help with? Private yoga lesson just might be what you need! If you’ve only taken group classes, especially large classes, it is important to schedule one-on-one time with a teacher for individual attention. There is no substitute for proper alignment and hands-on adjustments to keep your body safe and have your yoga practice be beneficial.

60 minutes