Simple Pampering: Facials


facialI am fresh off spending two days learning all about skin and taking care of it in my herbal studies class. Whew! There was so much to learn! As my skin care routine is rather simple and almost non-existent, it was fascinating to learn how much there is to know about skin and taking care of it. It has also made me crave some good home-made facials I used to do for myself before the girls were born.

Our skin is our largest organ of elimination and over half of the blood supply goes to the skin. While great skin begins on the inside, with your digestion and the state of the immune system, we can still affect it from the outside. The skin renews every 14-30 days, so better looking skin is not too far away!

This has inspired me to put together a fun evening of doing facials! I’ll provide all the supplies, you bring your clean face, ready for pampering!

We will scrub, steam, apply masks, toners, and finally, a rich cream to seal in all the goodness. Your face will shine from all the love and care we’ll lavish on it! We’ll use herbs and essential oils that promote skin health and enjoy a little do-it-yourself pampering.

Please bring (or wear) an old t-shirt, a hand towel, and have a way of putting your hair securely away from your face. We’ll go from between doing things ourselves, to working with a partner, to learning an easy face-lift technique.

Snacks will be provided as well!

Sunday, August 7, 3:00 – 4:30 pm