StitchFix to your wardrobe and style rescue!

I’ll be first to admit, I do not like shopping, and specially shopping for clothes for myself! You go to the store, schlep around, pick through stuff, go try it on, and blah blah blah. Having two small children in tow also very much complicates things as they either don’t want to wait for me, or they want to start shopping for themselves! When it was time to update my wardrobe post-maternity clothing, I was really torn between having to go shopping or continuing to wear my maternity clothing f.o.r.e.v.e.r…

And then I discovered StitchFix! Very cautiously, I signed up to get my first box. It was a big hit when it arrived! I loved all 5 items and I still wear them 2 years later. And, when you keep all 5, you get 25% discount. Shipping and returns are free, and it’s super easy to return stuff that you didn’t like, or might fit a bit odd, or in general you just don’t want.

The kid in me also very much enjoys the unknown of what you’ll get 🙂 Sure, you can make requests for something you are missing from your closet, but you still don’t know what exactly you’ll get. So each time a box is shipped, there is this anticipation of getting a “gift” in the mail and discovering your surprises. I’ve set my StitchFix on quarterly schedule, but break down and manually update it to probably every couple of months delivery.

And, and, and… They now have kids’ boxes too! I signed the girls up and they both got their first box over the summer. They were very excited to get a box of clothes like mommy does 🙂

Want to try it for yourself? Use my link and you’ll get $25 off your first order.