Lucy’s Love Bus

Lucy's_Love_Bus_Logo_wTagI am grateful to be able to participate in Lucy’s Love Bus program and provide my services to children that need them. What a great organization! I hope you consider donating to them and also pass the word on that this program exists!

Mommy guilt

I have it! And major one this morning. As I am away at Reiki training all day, Sophia is sick. It’s her first time being sick and she was miserable most of the night, whimpering in her sleep. Needless to say, it was a long night. It had a very cute beginning though. After I got home from the intro evening, I was welcomed by a soft “hi, mama” from Sophia while my husband was sound asleep.
I’m hoping that lots of snuggles from mama will make things better in the evening. Until then, Sophia is in daddy’s capable hands.
It’s interesting how my work now informs my parenting decisions. Almost everyone I work on now, has something stemming from their early childhood. Something as little as not having mommy when sick has a potential to snowball into a feeling of abandonment later on. So, lots of snuggles!