Chakras are not magical buttons

chakras 2I am going to let you in on a little secret… Shh, don’t tell anyone… Chakras are not magical buttons you can turn on and off to fix your life. There! Now you know.

Sorry to spoil anything for you, but that’s just how it is. Your chakras are not preventing you from living your life to the fullest, having good relationships, or being healthy. No one can wave a magic wand over you, fix your chakras, and suddenly you are living someone else’s life. That’s just not happening. I know it would be great if it did, life would be so much easier, you would not have to do anything yourself at all! No crying, no processing, no dealing with your own stuff. Heaven!

Here is another little secret – your chakras are not broken! Isn’t that what is implied when you look to someone to fix them? We fix things that are broken, and chakras are not broken, ever. They are a dynamic reflection of the state you are in. You work on yourself, and your chakras respond and change. And you can work on yourself in so many different ways, there is no limit to what you can do. Positive psychology? Check! Exercise? Check! Gratitude journal? Check! Yoga? Check! Meditation? Check! Local, seasonal diet? Check! Leisurely afternoon? Check! Dream journal? Check! All the things you do for yourself, starting with a decision to take better care of yourself, will affect your chakras in a positive way.

Now, all absolute statements are not entirely true. If you are reading this and thinking, “but I did chakra balancing and it really helped me…”, think of what else you were doing at that time. I bet there were some ways you were already working on yourself, and chakra balancing session was just a cherry on top of it. And that’s how chakra balancing works. You are already working on yourself, maybe if just by deciding to start to take better care of yourself, and having some energy work done on you lifts the energetic imprint of trauma. It is part of the work, but not the whole work. You are still the one responsible.

And that is the last little secret I’ll tell you. You are responsible for your own well-being. Not only you are responsible, but you are in charge! You are the boss of you, no one else is. No one else can “fix” you. All healing happens from within. You come across people that can help you on your journey, but if someone tells you they have all the answers for you, do look at their motivation. The power should always remain with you, not in practitioner’s hands.

Power of Clarity

clarityA lot of our problems in life come from not knowing exactly what we want.

We might have an idea – we want to be happy, but we don’t have a clear picture of what that looks like.

We want to practice better self-care, but what does it even mean?

We want to spend more time with the family, but doing what?

We want to eat healthier, but what do you eat then?

We might have a whole other swirl of thoughts about what we think we want because we think that’s what we should want, but we haven’t stopped to figure out if those shoulds are even ours.

We have not taken the time to gain some clarity about what we want and definitely not in how to get there.

I remember a while ago I was part of a group that was focused on getting things done. The trick was to actually know what you want to get done! There were seemingly so many things! There were work projects, home projects, family projects… And I wanted it all! I kept hopping and skipping from one thing to the next, without exactly finishing each one. Guess what? I didn’t get a lot done. Certainly, there was progress made, but I didn’t get anywhere to the point where I could look back and say, “Yep, this is all done now!” And the sense of completion is pretty important for a project to feel successful.

I firmly believe in power of our minds and being able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. But what happens when your mind is not exactly set? You hop and skip from one thing to the next without accomplishing much. So today, I challenge you to figure out what it is you want. Get crystal clear on what, how that looks like, how it would change your day. I guarantee that as you get crystal clear on exactly what you want, pieces will fall into place and events will be set in motion that will make that picture a reality.

What are you going to work on? I think I am going to spend time planning out my new website and updating this one as well.

And if you are looking for a bit of different perspective on goal setting, check out this book, The Magic Lamp: Goal Setting For People Who Hate Setting Goals by Keith Ellis.

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