Time Warp

Gardening is! It’s like some strange world where the time stops when you enter. This year we have a little plot at the Salem Community Garden. It’s awesome! A friend of mine is sharing it with us since she can’t take care of it right now. I have not gardened since I was in my early teens and my parents had a huge garden. And then I mostly complained about it, together with weeding and helping with the harvesting and storing food.

Well, gardening is fun! The plot is not very big so I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do. It’s still a little tough when Sophia wants to go home and I want to pull just few more weeds, or water, or even just look at each plant and see what the changes are.

This was few weeks ago and there are more things growing now. I need new pictures. It’s hard to take them because I can’t really see anything on my phone when I am taking them.

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