Understanding Tarot: Fool’s Journey

tarot1Have you ever wanted to use Tarot as a guide for your spiritual journey?

If so, let’s step off the cliff and descend into the menagerie of images designed to describe the path from manifestation to cosmic consciousness.

This class will teach an interpretation of the major arcana of the Tarot and how to apply it to our journey in life. A variety of additional related techniques will also be discussed including using Tarot imagery in meditation, using Tarot cards as ritual tools and portals, and much more.

Join Greg Kaminsky of Occult of Personality podcast for an evening of Tarot exploration.

The focus will be on Major Arcana and a specific layout that highlights Fool’s journey through the chakras and stages of spiritual development.

By understanding the symbolism of the journey, you will be able to better understand Tarot and it will assist you in reading the cards for yourself or others.

Friday, July 15, 6 – 8pm


Greg Kaminsky is the host/producer of the Occult of Personality podcast (http://www.occultofpersonality.net), an Illuminist, a Freemason, and a scholar of Western esoteric traditions. His desire to create Occult of Personality podcast in 2006 began with a life-long desire to learn more about ancient civilizations, world religions, symbolism, and the underlying hidden wisdom which they contain, but only convey to those with eyes to see. With well over 100 episodes and thousands of listeners every week, the podcast continues to grow in popularity and prestige. As an initiate of a magickal order of antiquity, Greg is a Qabalist, intimately familiar with Tarot and inner Alchemy. In 2007, he began working with Points Chauds, facilitated by Tau Allen Greenfield and a group of illuminists near Atlanta, Georgia. In 2008, he became a student of yoga and qi-gong. In 2010, Greg was raised as a Mason and he continues to explore Freemasonry in both the York and Scottish Rites. In 2011, he trained in Reiki. In addition to the extensive research required for every episode of the show, Greg is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Medieval studies at Harvard University Extension School. With esoteric pursuits that derive from both the East and West, and a passion to understand their historical and philosophical origins, he brings a unique and eclectic perspective to the modern esoteric landscape. Greg lives with his wife, Olga, their two children, and his oversized library in Wenham, Massachusetts.