What a day!

I am hoping tonight will be calmer. My lovely DH is in a hospital overnight for observation and to run some more tests tomorrow. And the morning was so promising! We got up together, munchkin was in a good mood, even ODS was in an OK mood. I went to teach my private yoga class, came back and DH looked absolutely wiped out. I thought it was from munchkin giving him hard time, but he said he was having chest pains that started after he had coffee. After a bit of thinking, off to the hospital we went. We went to Lahey at the North Shore Mall. It looked a bit like a ghost town. After running a bunch of tests they could not find anything and decided to keep him overnight. Tomorrow is more tests and a stress test. And home.
He had a similar episode on Monday after going to New York for work. The doctor was concerned that there might be a clot, but it seems to be ok. He needs another job, desperately. His body can not handle overnight shifts.
In other news, munchkin is 6 months today. Happy Birthday, little love!

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