What a weekend!

It is sweet to be back home after few days away! I feel tired and rested at the same time. My body is tired but my soul is rested and, dare I say, singing. I have a wonderful time at the herbal conference. I have come to realise that this is where I recharge. Being at this huge gathering of women is what sustains me and keeps me going. It has recharged me after a challenging year and I am already thinking about a trip next year.
Sophia was such a sweetie pie! She smiled, giggled, and let me take classes. I ended up going to all of the things I planned, though not necessarily staying the whole time. I learned a lot and am planning on putting that new knowledge to work shortly.
Sophia and I also went to the lake couple of times. It was her first time in the open water and she did great. I was more of a wimp as the water was a bit chilly.
I also bought a really cool piece of onyx. It seemed to have called to me to do some healing work. Now I need to read up on it, but it will be making an appearance for sure.